Recruiting A Legal Team

Recruiting A Legal Team

In today’s job market you cannot afford to take recruitment of new lawyers for your law firm lightly – if you get it wrong you will have to spend additional money to recruit another lawyer. That is why it is advisable to use legal recruiters – these are firms that are set up to help law firms with their hiring needs. They invite lawyers who are looking for new jobs, scrutinize them for their skills and then when clients need new associates they can forward them names. Here are some benefits of working with legal associates when you are hiring for your law firm:

•    They do most of the work for you. While it is obvious that you will have to interview any new lawyers that you hire, you don’t want to be the one to do all the dirty work – it takes away valuable time that you could use to do profitable legal work. A legal recruiter will do background checks, they will make sure that they are matching you up to the right kind of talent, they will check references, work history and so on. All that is left for you to do is one final interview that helps you confirm whether or not the potential employee is right for you.

•    Legal recruiters take away a difficult step from the process of hiring – haggling over salaries. It can take quite a while before an employer and potential employee agree on a number but when you use legal recruiters all you need to do is let them know how much you are willing to pay for a certain position. The applicants for the position will come for interviews knowing that the amount is locked down.

•    legal recruiters take away the job of advertising for new associates. They usually have websites so that immediately you notify them of a position and they can put it up for all to see. They also have large databases of talent that they can refer to, helping you get new employees faster.

•    Good legal recruiters take the time to study the market so that they can match their clients with the best talent available. They will headhunt and keep informed of which lawyers do what and they will even know those that are looking to change firms. This way they can always get it right. In fact, they have a guarantee in place – if they place a lawyer with your firm and he leaves before a certain period lapses, you have to give them the commission that you paid them.

In case you are wondering, you have to pay the firm a fraction of the salary of the employee that they recruit for you. In some cases they are paid an agreed-upon fee.

•    Good legal recruiting companies also take the time to investigate their clients so that they can understand what they do, they kind of culture that is fostered at the work place, the kind of employees that best fit in there and so on. Again, all this is so that they can find the best fit each time for both employer and employee.

•    Good legal recruiters do more than just do interviews and background checks for their clients. This way they offer a value-added service. They may, for instance, draw on their own interview experiences and use them to provide their clients with advice that they can use. They will also do things such as provide law career advice to lawyers that they place to ensure that they maximize their chances of successful employment.

•    Although it may look like good legal recruiters should only be interested in their clients they also keep tabs on good lawyers. If they come into contact with a good lawyer or one who has a specific set of skills they gather their information so that in case a position opens up they can refer them.

Are there any cons to using legal recruiters?

The only possible con is that you have to pay them, and sometimes they can be expensive. That said, if they bring you excellent associates who can successfully handle cases you will recoup any fees that you paid them many times over before long.

When you are hiring such a firm consider their history when it comes to placing lawyers successfully. Dig into whether there are any placements that haven’t worked out and if so why. You should also make sure that they have the capacity to accommodate your needs. Your firm is growing and you want to be sure that the company that you hire can keep up with your staffing needs. Do not hire a firm because you think that they are cheap – in most cases where you find very cheap legal recruiters it is because their processes are flawed in one way or another. If they are saving money by not doing their homework properly it is you who will end up with dud associates.